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Business listing page Standard Upgraded Upgraded Upgraded
Business logo  
 Listing free of advertisments  

Link to your website

Number of business  categories linked to your listing up to 10 up to 10 up to 10 up to 10
Link to facebook page and feed    
Link to Instagram account and feed    
Link to twitter feed    
Link to Google+    
Number of Images 0 8 8 8


More Information

Business Material     5 5

Other benefits and features

Number of postcodes connected to your business listing 1 10 20 30
Priorty ranking on the Kids Domain search results Lowest priority ranking Ranks above Free Ranks above Good Highest priority ranking
Number of business specials or deals  0 1 9 9
Advertise events to your business listing page, search results page and the events area of the website. 0 1 5 10
Respond to customer reviews  
Have your business promoted via Kids Domain social media  
Priority listing on competitor business listing pages   
Placement in featured listing area on Kids Domain website  
Number of articles that you can upload to your business listing 0 5 5 5