About Us

There are so many fantastic small businesses on the Sunshine Coast that cater for kids, but unless you follow them on social media, you may not know they exist.

Kids Domain is the hub connecting families with our local small businesses that offer children’s related classes, activities, services and products.

Kids domain was founded and created by Leah Hassard whilst on maternity leave from practicing law. The idea was born out of the frustration in not being able to find a cohesive directory style website for everything kids that was local to the Sunshine Coast. As a Sunny Coaster with small children, Leah found there was a disconnect between families and our local small businesses that social media was not fulfilling. Hence, Kids Domain was born.

Kids Domain provides the ability for parents to quickly find the classes, activities, products and services offered by locals required to keep their littlies happy, hip and healthy.

Parents can now search by using criteria that is most important to them, such as their child’s age, interest and location.  The website then provides parents with various local businesses that fulfil their child’s need.

It is Leah’s vision for Kids Domain to become the go-to place for everything kids on the Sunshine Coast.